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Superpower For Hire

Author: wisedogresearch


For centuries, wars have been fought by loyal patriots, men and women who have answered the call to fight for of their country. All the way back to the Middle Ages (circa late 5th century to mid-15th century), kings and queens alike summoned the countrymen of their nation to come forth and fight a common enemy. They answered to their leader. Looking at World War II, the citizens of a particular country united under a leader to face their foe, whether it be the Deutschen Leuten under Hitler or the American people under Roosevelt. They answered the call of their country. They answered to their leader

But what of today’s wars and conflicts? In Department of Defense Report written for Congress, it states that “[o]ver the last decade in Iraq and Afghanistan… contractors accounted for 50% or more of the total military force.” These are people who owe no allegiance to any particular people, culture or government. Their services of elite training, superior weaponry, and advanced logistics are up for hire to the highest bidder. Contractors such as these make the firearms, design and produce the drones and train the mercenaries that we use. And what happens when our fighting force receives a higher offer from another entity or opponent? One minute they are for us, and the next they could be fighting for someone else. Anyone who was any good in the military has moved on to a PMC because the pay is much, much better than that of government service. On top of that, a recent report published by FOX states that “[a]bout 75 percent of the country’s 17- to 24-year-olds are ineligible for military service, largely because they are poorly educated, overweight and have physical ailments that make them unfit for the armed forces.” So not only are we outsourcing our military and losing experienced-combat ready soldiers, but there is also a serious issue with the social apparatus back home that could hinder out ability to defend ourselves in the next major war/conflict. For our sake, let us hope that Uncle Sam has the biggest pocket book when World War III comes around, or else we are going to have a major catastrophe to deal with on our hands.

A lot questions, a lot of uncertainties, and very few answers.

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    Nice Article! Very interesting insights yet eerie.

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